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TOC Basic Exams

Where to Begin? The Basics Exams are a good place to start!

The TOCICO Fundamentals Exam covers the fundamental Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts that are common to all the TOC Proven Solutions. Learning the breadth of the TOC Fundamentals can be a daunting task. Sometimes it's better to learn a bit of TOC, take an exam on just that small part, and then learn more and test again and learn more, and so on. And sometimes learning all the fundamentals may be more than you really need. This is where the BASICS exams can come into play.

You may find the Bascis exams very helpful to:

  • evaluate your own knowledge in these areas
  • focus your studying to the areas you don't quite understand
  • prepare for the TOC Fundamentals exam

If you are studying for the TOC Fundamentals exam, the Basics exams can be taken in preparation.

If you are working in a plant using Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR), you will need to know how to react to instructions or changes in the plant. The TOCICO Basics exam for Drum Buffer Rope covers these topics.

If you are working in a project environment and management wants to use Critical Chain, then the TOCICO Basics Exam for Critical Chain Project Management makes sure you understand enough about CCPM to respond correctly.

It's the same with the other Basics Exams for Thinking Processes, Finance & Measures, TOC Replenishment, and TOC Philosophy.

How to take a Basics Exam?

Basics exams are NOW AVAILABLE to take ONLINE for Thinking Process, DBR, CCPM, Finance & Measures, TOC Replenishment and TOC Philosophy. The Basics exams can be taken anytime over the Internet privately without a proctor. The Basics Exams are inexpensive $37.00 each. To purchase and begin your exam, please click on the following link(s):

Online Basics Drum Buffer Rope exam
Online Basics Thinking Processes exam
Online Basics Critical Chain Project Management exam
Online Basics Finance & Measures exam
Online Basics TOC Replenishment exam
Online Basics TOC Philosophy exam

PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged in to a Member or Guest Member account before taking a basics exam. If you are already a TOCICO Member (Standard, Academic, Student or Lifetime), please login under your Member account. If you are not a Member, and you would like to take a Basics exam you will need to register as a free Guest Member.  


What about the results?

Once you have completed the Basics Exam online, the test results (pass/fail) are provided immediately. A passing score is 70%. Basics exams do not result in a TOC Certification, however for any Basics exam passed Certificate of Achievement is issued (by email). which can be printed and hung on your wall proudly!

Wishing you all the best!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: