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TOCICO 2020 Call for Speakers and Presentations


Coming November 2020! Dates to be announced shortly.

The CCPM Virtual Conference will be focused on the TOC application for Project Management - Critical Chain Project Management - for Project Managers and Portfolio Managers. 

This two (2) day experience is open to those who are interested in addressing problems related to project management and embracing the power of TOC for ultimate success! Sessions will be offered on introductory, general, and advanced level knowledge for novice to experienced level project practitioners and leaders. 

The goal is to introduce CCPM to a wide population of project managers and to give them the confidence and motivation to use it.  The Call for Speakers is open NOW! Please review details below. Submissions are open through September 30th.

Call for Speakers is open NOW!

This is YOUR CHANCE to share your Project Management (CCPM) knowledge, results, and/or lessons learned with the project management community.   Your submission may be based on and/or related to the experience of an individual, a team, a business unit, or an entire company.    We welcome submissions that describe every stage of your journey, from smaller-scale implementations to advanced strategies that are succeeding in the largest and most prominent companies in the world. Submissions will be accepted for ANY industry. 

We are specifically looking for presentations which help the project management community to better understand Critical Chain Project Management and address the following:


  • How does CCPM help a project manager to be MORE successful?
  • What results does CCPM bring BETTER THAN traditional project management methods?


Submissions can be made for the following presentation formats: 

  • General session for presentations of the application of TOC concepts (CCPM) to industry issues
  • Workshops to provide hands-on learning
  • Hyde Park
  • Case study presented by company personnel
  • Software & Technology
  • New knowledge and Research of theoretical and applied research in TOC concepts (presentation & related paper submission required)

Click here for descriptions of presentation formats

Eli Goldratt stated that, "The best solutions start with the right questions…"

It is recommended for presentations to address the following questions/structure: 

Step 1: What to Change? (the Problem)
Step 2: What to Change to? (the solution)
Step 3: How to cause the Change? (direction of the solution)

In addition to addressing Eli’s three change questions, each submission will include the following:

A) Why was there a need for change?
B) How do you measure, refocus, sustain and grow the change?

1. All submissions must be in English.

2. The submission must include a short biography of the speaker(s) and a high resolution digital color photo.

3. The form below must be completed and submitted by September 30, 2020:

4. The speaker agrees to amend their submission based on feedback from the Conference committee.

5. All speakers must use the presentation PowerPoint template provided by TOCICO.

6. Selected speakers/presenters will be responsible to do a pre-recording of their presentations according to specifications provided by TOCICO. In addition, the selected speakers/presenters who wish to develop a production level video clip outlining the content of their presentation and invitation to attend their session may do so on MP4 or Windows Media Player formats. The TOCICO will work with presenters to coordinate the video recording and clips. Specific details, as well as template with instructions will follow.

7. All speakers must sign a copyright release form granting TOCICO copyright of the video recording. The TOCICO reserves the right to withdraw submissions from the program if copyright release has not been granted. Acceptance of the copyright release is included as part of the submission process. Video recordings of the presentations will be placed on the TOCICO website and may be made available for member and/or public viewing. 

8. The purpose of presentations at this event is to share your valuable insights into new developments, integration and implementation experiences. Presentations and/or Q&A sessions should not contain advertisement for companies, products, and/or services. Company logos are not to be added to the provided TOCICO presentation template. An exception has been made for the Software & Technology companies who are sponsoring this event. They will have an opportunity to promote their services and products as a Sponsor and Exhibitor. Sponsor packages and information for the Exhibit Hall will be available shortly.

  1. Submissions are DUE by September 30, 2020.

  2. Submission results will be notified by October 15, 2020.

  3. Video Recording and Powerpoint PPT are due by  November 10, 2020 **  NO EXCEPTIONS **  This is the policy of the virtual conference software provider. It allows the necessary time for the TOCICO and Provider to prepare the virtual program.


There will be sponsor and exhibitor opportunities available for marketing purposes.  More details will be coming soon!

Please contact us at if you have any questions!

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