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Certified Practitioner

Certified Practitioner

TOCICO sees the addition of a practitioner certification path as the next logical step in the evolution of our professional body. TOCICO purpose is to provide industries and individuals with an internationally recognized standard to assess the level of expertise of Theory of Constraints Professionals.

TOCICO recognizes that there are many internal company experts who practice the different Theory of Constraints applications inside of their own organizations and will never have the desire or the opportunity to participate in an implementation outside of their current environment. The number of these individuals is growing at the rate of successful TOC implementations and there is an increasing demand for competent TOC Practitioners to manage TOC organizations world wide.

TOC practitioners that want to embark on TOCICO Certification journey will follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fundamentals Exam

Candidates register to sit for the Fundamentals Exam which is an entry requirement for any of the TOCICO Application Exams. The exam registration fee is $100 for Fundamentals Exam. Candidates do not have to be members of TOCICO to register.
Those candidates that pass will receive a "TOCICO Certificate of Achievement". This is NOT a TOCICO certification, but recognition for passing the entry exam.
More about Fundamentals Exam...

Step 2: Application Exam

Those candidates that have passed the Fundamentals Exam, will be invited to register for writing the Applications Exam.
The registration fee is $200.

On passing the Application Exam, one must  register online to become a fully paid member of TOCICO before receiving the TOCICO Certified Practitioner Certificate and Certification.
This achievement will be published on TOCICO website.

All fees and prices noted on the website are in US Dollars.

Below is a diagram of the Practitioner Certification Process. Click on an exam area for more details


TOC Supply Chain Logistics

TOC Project Management

TOC Thinking Process

TOC Finance & Measurement

TOC Business Strategy

Step 1

Step 1- TOCICO Fundamentals Exam

Step 2

TOCICO Supply Chain Logistics Exam

TOCICO Project Management Exam

TOCICO Thinking Process Exam

TOCICO Finance & Measurement Exam

TOCICO Business Strategy Exam

Practitioner Certification

TOCICO Certified Practitioner Supply Chain Logistics

TOCICO Certified Practitioner Project Management

TOCICO Certified Practitioner Thinking Process

TOCICO Certified Practitioner Finance & Measurement

TOCICO Certified Practitioner Business Strategy