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The Core of TOC – What is unique about TOC?


Basic Assumption 1:

Everything within a system is connected by cause and effect relationships. Identification of the causes leads us to converge onto an apparent core problem/contradiction/conflict.

Manifestation: Search for a logical reasoning

The use of Cause & Effect relationships to structure our thinking, record our analysis and understand the suggested solution for any problem (based on Convergence)

Basic Assumption 2:

All contradictions can be resolved without compromise – our level of understanding and our assumptions hold the contradiction in place. A compromise is not usually a win-win solution.

Manifestation: Resolve conflicts

A strong belief that there should be no conceptual conflict within our reality – hence – striving to find a win-win solution to any perceived "no solution situation” (Local & Global)


Basic Assumption 3:

There is no resistance to improvement – people do not embrace change because we have not brought them to see the win for them.

Manifestation: Seek for collaboration and contribution

The use of TOC logical tools logic to communicate to ourselves and thereafter to the team with the view of working together to achieve the desired improvement (based on Respect)

Written and donated for use by Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko.