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Managing Systems

The Leader of a system sees their role as to ever improve the performance of the system under their responsibility.

Improved performance is a result of implementing a new idea ("solution”) onto the existing system.

The manager who introduces the solution needs to know:


1.     Which parts of the system are "erroneous” and have to be replaced

2.     The new parts must be introduced to replace the erroneous parts

3.     All the other parts of the system stay as they are!

Managers need a systematic approach to develop plans for the pursuit of a significant improvement of their systems. This systemic approach is about finding answers to the four questions of system improvement.

1.     WHAT to change?

  Pinpoint the core problem

2.     WHAT to change TO

  Construct simple practical solutions

3.     HOW to cause the change?

  Induce the proper people to make the change (to invent such solutions)

4.     What creates the process of ongoing improvement (POOGI)?

        Create a mechanism to determine what to improve next


TOC enhances the ability of managers to develop or construct solutions for improving the performance of their systems. At the same time – TOC also enhances the ability to communicate the solution to the proper people that their support and collaborations is necessary for implementing the solution.

 Written and donated for use by Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko.