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Leading People through the Change

Years of experience in implementing changes for improvements have taught us that what is perceived to be "Resistance to Change” stems, in most of the cases, from disagreement with the initiator of the change. We have also learned that the disagreement is structured logically.

There are potential six layers of resistance to change:

1.      Disagreement on what the problem is
2.      Disagreement with the direction of solutions
3.      Disagreement that the solution will bring the desired benefits

At this stage people tend to agree that conceptually there is a solution, but… (Yes, BUT…)

4.      Fear that the solution will result in negative consequences (risks)
5.      Obstacles to implementation seem to be impossible to overcome

The above Five layers can be addressed logically by using the TOC Thinking Process (TP).

6.      Say "Yes” and do nothing

The six layer demands Leadership and people skills to draft people to support and contribute to the successful implementation of the solution.

Written and donated for use by Oded Cohen and Jelena Fedurko.