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TOC Reference Bank - Page 10
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TONAK a.s. , Czech Republic.
Industry:  Textile (Headwear production)  
TOC Applications:  Implementation of DBR in production   TOC Company:  Goldratt CZ, s.r.o-Jan Velkoborsk, Pavel Majer and from TONAK- Radim Juchelka
Brief Summary:  - Production of V-shape � big number of production steps (80 � 150 operations), a lot of handcraft, big portion of non-productive time (moisturizing, drying, stabilization after chemical processes, etc.). - Some customer orders must go through technical department � production samples must be developed and produced first, then approved by customer. Only after that standard customer order is taken and corresponding work orders issued. � Customer orders prioritized according Throughput Accounting decision making principles. - Confirmation of the orders due dates according to available drum capacity allowed to reduce TDD by 82% and increase the Throughput by 15% without increase of CAPEX and number of employees. - Buffer Management implemented also in Customer Order taking process in order to minimize overall delivery terms (from order taking to delivery)
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TOC for Education , United Kingdom.
Industry:  education  
TOC Applications:  TOC Communication tools   TOC Company:
Brief Summary:  I feel that the children have matured way beyond my expectations and are now mostly developing to their full potential. Since I used cause and effect teaching in science and modeling-thinking skills in maths, they have also excelled in the tests beyond the school�s expectations.
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African Explosives Ltd, part of AECI Group   Division:  All divisions , South Africa.
Industry:  Explosives and High Tech   Sales:  $350,000,000     
TOC Applications:  ,All TOC applications including initial Strategic Organisational Constraint Analysis, Implementation of Critical Chain for Projects, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Demand Chain Replenishment and Buffer Management in Operations and Distribution, Throughput Accounting  
Brief Summary:  TOC is providing a guiding philosophy for enabling improved �holistic� decisions, the implementation of TOC in Operations and Distribution have delivered significant improvements in �On-Time-in-Full� and Stock Availability performance (in Narrow Reef division maintaining OTIF > 99.5%) as well as a reduction in overall Inventories. Critical Chain was used to enable the implementation of SAP R3 4.6C across the whole business in a record time of 6 months and the new constraint focused market offers should provide a significant competitive advantage in the future.See article attached for more.
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Paragon Textile Mills , India.
Industry:  Explosives and High Tech  
Brief Summary:  The Goal saved the company (and our family)( from bankruptcy. And, more importantly, my father's life I owe a lot to that book (and Dr. Goldratt)!!
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La Bugue�a Ltda , Colombia.
Industry:  Food and beverage   Sales:  $1,970     
TOC Applications:  ,TP, CCPM, strategy and tactics  
Brief Summary:  Thinking Processes �TP- has been the main tool used. In the beginning the Prerequisites Tree for ambitious objectives gave confidence to them about how the ambitious objectives can be achieved overcoming the obstacles identified. Now the TP became the main way to analyze the problems to find win-win solutions. Annual sales increased from US$436,364 dollars in 2002 to US$1�200.000 dollars in 2003 and to US$1�970.000 in 2004; this increase was caused by the improvements in the production process, in product quality and shorter lead time. Due date performance improved from 80% to 96%, whereas the inventory turnover improve from 25 days to 12 days. Returns for quality defects diminished from 7% to less than 2%. This allowed the company to increase the monthly average net profit from US$1360 dollars in 2000 to US$8200 dollars before taxes the next year. In the year 2004 using Critical Chain approach the company moved to a new facility, obtaining an increasing productive capacity by 150% of which 30% is excess capacity. Storage capacity increased by 40%. Today Costumers recognize La Bugue�a as a company with good product Quality and service but most importantly that it is able to maintain the performance in time Currently La Bugue�a is moving its administrative method to �Throughput accounting�.
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