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New records are added to the reference bank all the time.
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Magnetic Specialty, Inc. , United States.
Industry:  Other  
TOC Applications:  DBR   TOC Company:  CMG
Brief Summary:  In six months MSI achieved 98% on-time delivery, reduced lead times by 80%, reduced overtime and opened up capacity which positioned to regain customer confidence.
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APN Inc. , United States.
Industry:  Other   Sales:  $5,000,000     
TOC Applications:  TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Throughput increased more than 40% and lead times were reduced from between 1 and 4 weeks to between 1 and 2 days. People began to see and understand the way things are supposed to flow.
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H.S. Automotive , United States.
Industry:  Automotive  
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Reduced late deliveries by 58%. Astonished automotive customers have made HS a favored supplier. Now turning a healthy profit after cutting overtime by $100,000 per year (45% reduction) and inventory costs by $300,000 per year
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JOFCO, Inc. , United States.
Industry:  Furniture   Sales:  $30,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Finished Goods down 70% and making highly profitable custom furniture. WIP down 28% while production increased by 30%. Now offer 15 product lines instead of 7 and promise delivery in six weeks instead of six months. New chair factory in same space!
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Premark Food Equipment Group   Division:  Refrigeration Division , United States.
Industry:  Other  
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Premark cut lead time from 3 weeks to 3 days with no loss of quality. Emergency orders can be done in 12 hours. Volume has increased from 20 units per day to 60 units per day, an increase of 200%.
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Iscor   Division:  Iscor Refractories , South Africa.
Industry:  Primary Metals  
TOC Applications:  CC ,DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Largest rotary kiln unexpectedly went down for major rebuild and repair of support rollers. Using CC, rebuild project completed in record 10 days VS original estimate of 21 days. In production, lead times have been reduced 60%, WIP is down 60%, RM is down 30% and past dues are at all time low.
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Pretoria Academic Hospital , South Africa.
Industry:  Health Care  
Brief Summary:  Average waiting time decreased from 12 weeks to 4 weeks; Clinic time and space utilization increased from 60% to 90%; Patient complaints are now wait times for medicine; Mutual complaints between doctors and nurses has stopped.
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Avery Dennison Corporation , United States.
Industry:  Office and Home Products   Sales:  $3,000,000,000     
Brief Summary:  In 12 to 18 months, every indicator was significantly higher. In one division (Fasson), Market Share up 25%; Sales up 23%; Customer Complaints down 47%; Customer Leadtime down 80%; Total Supply Leadtime down 90%; Fill Rate up 88%; New Products as % of Sales up 50%; Manufacturing Capacity up 50-300%; Inventory (days on hand) down 50-75%; Scrap reduced 32%; Osha recordables down 86% and millions in Capex deferred.
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Hannah's Donut Shop , United States.
Industry:  Service  
TOC Applications:  DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Sales increase of 62%, expenses reduced by 67%; net profits up 531% and return on assets up 403%.
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National Semiconductor   Division:  Wafer Fab Division , United States.
Industry:  Semiconductor   Sales:  $2,500,000,000     
TOC Applications:  TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Results visible after just one month. In one year, Wafer Fab throughput gains in excess of 30%; inventory turns increased 20% and cycle time improved 35%. Has avoided procurement of many capital equipment items.
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