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TOC Reference Bank - Page 4
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New records are added to the reference bank all the time.
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Garrett Corporation   Division:  Garrett Automotive Ltd. , United Kingdom.
Industry:  Automotive   Sales:  $75,000,000     
Brief Summary:  Garrett Automotive was able to double its profits from the same sales volume without any reduction in the number of employees. Inventory is now less than one half of previous level.
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Steel Tool and Engineering Company , United States.
Industry:  Aerospace   Sales:  $5,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Steel Tool is making 90% of old sales with half the people, and with much less inventory. Steel Tool was awarded the top small business subcontractor in the midwest by the USSBA.
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Valmont/ALS , United States.
Industry:  Steel  
TOC Applications:  Measurement System ,TP applications   Experts Involved:  Jeff Wood
Brief Summary:  From 1986 to 1987, While sales volume dropped by 2%, net earning rose 154%, return on equity rose 132%, inventory turns improved by 39% and operating expenses dropped 17%. Shipments increased to the highest levels in company history, while personnel were still near post layoff levels.
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Motorola   Division:  Adavanced Product Research and Development Laboratory (APRDL) , United States.
Industry:  Semiconductor  
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Increased throughput by 150% and reduced cycle times by 20%. Benefits to the Fab plant came in terms of added capacity allowing the addition of more technologies to the line. Due to reduction in cycle time, new technology introduction occurred faster.
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Tubelite Inc. , United States.
Industry:  Construction  
TOC Applications:  DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Tubelite cut five days of its cycle time.
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Rockwell International   Division:  Rocketdyne , United States.
Industry:  Construction   Sales:  $1,000,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC ,DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Delta engine program realized a 33% reduction in cycle time and a 25% reduction in costs. Manufacturing discrepancies reduced 31% and material reviews reduced 44%.
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Lucent Technologies   Division:  Bell Labs , United States.
Industry:  Telecom  
TOC Applications:  CC  
Brief Summary:  For Premise Cable products - 100% of projects completed on-time (Compared to 40% before); 8 projects completed before 50/50 points and New Production Introduction (NPI) lead times reduced 50%. For outside cables - NPI lead times reduced 50% and tripled development capacity (17 projects vs. 5 before, with no staff increase).
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Bal Seal Engineering , United States.
Industry:  Electronics  
Brief Summary:  Within sixty days of implementing TOC lead times dropped from 8 weeks to 8 days; profits doubled that year. Unit production increased from 65,000 units per week to 100,000 units per week while average hours worked dropped from 55 hrs/week to 40 hrs/week. On-time deliveries have risen from 85% to 97%.
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Orman Grubb Company , United States.
Industry:  Furniture  
TOC Applications:  DBR ,Distribution  
Brief Summary:  Guarantees order will arrive in 2+2 (2weeks and 2 days after order placement). On full replenishment mode with retailers and has increased their turns to almost 25. Six month average sales to dealers is a straight line, trending up.
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Warren Featherbone Company/Dillards , United States.
Industry:  Textiles & Apparel  
Brief Summary:  In 1998 Warren Featherbone delivered 24,500 purchased orders within 4 days of order, 95% complete to Dillards. As of January 1999, the company had delivered at this rate for 387 weeks.
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