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TOC Reference Bank - Page 6
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Parr Instrument Company , United States.
Industry:  Industrial equipment/machinery  
TOC Applications:  DBR ,TP applications   Experts Involved:  Jeff Wood
Brief Summary:  Improvement in each product line: For pressure reactors, lead times shrunk by 50% and on-time improved from 48% to 95%; For Calorimeters, lead times reduced by more than 50% and on-time improved from 70% to 98%; For service parts lead times reduced from 7 days to 2days and on-time improved from 65% to 97%. WIP reduced by 60%.
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Harris Corporation   Division:  Semiconductor products , United States.
Industry:  Semiconductor  
TOC Applications:  DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  In four years, Throughput increased at 40% per year (Industry avg. 10-20%); Inventory turns increased from 2 to 7 (Industry avg. 3) and is headed for 10. In four years plant went from zero profit to 80% of the semiconductor division's profit and 20% of the entire corporation's profit.
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Harris Corporation   Division:  Semiconductor products , United Kingdom.
Industry:  Semiconductor  
TOC Applications:  CC  
Brief Summary:  Brand new plant including design, erection of building, installation of equipment, hiring and training of employees, and ramp-up to 90% of designed rate delivered in 13 months - compared to typical time frame of 54 months. Ran 4% overbudget, but by speeding time-to-market, payback is running two times plan. Production rate reached 90% of plan, 21 days after start - compared to industry norm of 18 months.
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Senior Flexonics, Inc.   Division:  Ketema , United States.
Industry:  Aerospace   Sales:  $     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  In two months WIP was reduced by 40% and lead times reduced by 30-60%
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Servomex Group Ltd , United Kingdom.
Industry:  Electronics  
TOC Applications:  DBR   TOC Company:  Goldratt Consulting UK
Brief Summary:  In the space of a few months reduced overdues from over $600,000 to $5,000 by implementing DBR and Buffer Management which was called the "Traffic Lights System", reduced lead times from 12-16 weeks to 4 weeks (and 10 days for express orders), improved on-time deliveries from 62% to 95% and scrap and reduced scrap/rework by 67%
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McDonagh Furniture Ltd.   Division:  NA , Ireland.
Industry:  Office and Home Products   Sales:  $8,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR   TOC Company:  Dinham Associates/Goldratt Centre
Brief Summary:  Within 12 months, on-time dliveries improved from 70 to 98%; sales revenue increased by 28% the first year and 17% the second year; Profits increased by over 300%. Operationally, lead times were reduced 20%; availability of parts at assembly improved to 100%; back orders dropped from 16weeks to zero; and there is no obsolete stock.
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Babcock & Wilcox Canada   Division:  Cambridge, Ontario , Canada.
Industry:  Energy   Sales:  $200,000,000     
TOC Applications:  4x4 ,CC   TOC Company:  MarketKey Inc.
Brief Summary:  The development of the common language and measurement system at BWC has permanently changed the thinking of BWC employees across the country. Since implementing the 4x4 process, improvement projects are becoming even more tightly tied to BWC�s strategic goals. This has helped BWC maintain leadership position in the worldwide nuclear and fossil fuel steam generating business.
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Schlly Fiberoptic GmbH   Division:  Entire Company , Germany.
Industry:  Medical equipment   Sales:  $17,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,Replenishment   TOC Company:  Goldratt Implementation Group (GIG); AGI Germany
Brief Summary:  Inventory went down significantly just a few weeks after project kick off while throughput and due date performance went up at the same time. Inventory turns improved from 3,6 to 5,3. Replenishment just started in August 2002, its first results are promising. The project created a significant competetive edge. The whole management team is looking forward for the next impressive steps with TOC ...
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Tessco Technologies, Inc. , United States.
Industry:  Telecom   Sales:  $300,000,000     
TOC Applications:  4x4  
Brief Summary:  As stated in their quarterly report "TESSCO had a good quarter with earnings per share growing to $0.25 from $0.06 for the same quarter last year. Revenue growth was a solid 15% over the same quarter last year and 12% over last quarter. Operations generated over $5 million in cash flow used to pay down virtually all short-term debt as of the end of the quarter. TESSCO is navigating well through turbulent market conditions.
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Hampton Conservatories Ltd   Division:  NA , Ireland.
Industry:  Construction   Sales:  $4,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC   TOC Company:  Dinham Associates / Goldratt Centre
Brief Summary:  Improved due date performance from 60 to 90% while reduing overall project lead times by over 50%. Throughput has incresed nearly 100%, while projects in progress has dropped from 10 o 3. Project completion dates are now highly predictable and quality has also improved significantly.
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