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General Motors   Division:  Vehicle Operations , United States.
Industry:  Automotive   Sales:  $177,000,000     
TOC Applications:  Bottleneck Identification ,TP applications  
Brief Summary:  Market share increase of 0.5% and a net profit contribution of 500 Million Dollars are the quantitative benefits. Implementation of TOC based on �the Goal� continues to generate additional profits. Constraint plants are identified across the corporation, and teams are sent in to work with the resident throughput engineer to increase the rate of throughput improvement, using basic TOC techniques until the plant is making schedule without overtime.
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Grupo RIO   Division:  MRI , Mexico.
Industry:  Health Care   Sales:  $700,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,Market Segmentation ,TP applications   TOC Company:  TOCworld
Brief Summary:  Number of patients treated per day increased +60%, annual revenues +45%. Complaints from referral doctors and patients because of the waiting times were reduced significantly. New market segmentations were developed.
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LSI Logic   Division:  Design Technology Development Group , United States.
Industry:  Semiconductor   Sales:  $1,800,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC  
Brief Summary:  Over 90% of projects in the library development group now finish within 2 weeks of planned dates. Throughput has also increased by more than 10%, despite reduction in total number of resources due to reorganization.
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Pharmacia , United States.
Industry:  Pharmaceutical   Sales:  $13,800,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC  
Brief Summary:  In a very short time, Lead time was reduced over 60%, due-date delivery improved to over 90% and throughput increased and package rate was increased from 20 per month to 50 per month (a throughput increase of over150%)
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Shea Homes   Division:  Phoenix Division , United States.
Industry:  Construction  
TOC Applications:  CC   TOC Company:  Vector Strategies
Brief Summary:  Cycle times reduction from 91 days to 56 days, a reduction of 38%, saved millions of dollars annually in interest costs alone.
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Antartida , Venezuela.
Industry:  harware products   Sales:  $12,000,000     
TOC Applications:  Measurements, TP, Replenishment, MSW ,TP, GSP, Jonah WS, MSW  
Brief Summary:  The company in the period of project work with TOC consistently increased sales about 40% per year for their clients, resulting in over 20% improvement of profit generation for the company in the same period. The company as well as their major client expanded their operations twice during this period. Down turn in the economy has resulted in excess capacity and still continuing to address their chronic conflict. They are currently working to diversify their client base. They enjoy a national base of more than 600 top quality clients.
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Scarborough Public Utilities Commission , Canada.
Industry:  Other   Sales:  $300,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,Measurements, TP, Replenishment, MSW ,TP applications ,TP, GSP, Jonah WS, MSW   Experts Involved:  , Scott Ward TOC Company:  MarketKey Inc.
Brief Summary:   To quote Kim Allen, the CEO, "increased value to customers by more than $5 million annually. We have reduced Operating Expenses by $10 million and we are doing more work than we did a few years ago." Kim also shared that the cost to customers for outages has been reduced from $35 million to $10.7 million.
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Brown Fintube , United States.
Industry:  Industrial equipment/machinery   Sales:  $25,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,measurement system  
Brief Summary:  On time delivery improved to the middle 90% range immediately after our "flush" period and has been sustained at that level for over a year. This was so even with increased business. Our accuracy rate on monthly revenue projection is always very high, we exceed revenue projections every month. Our accuracy in available to promise is up around 100%. Inventory turns went from about 4-5 range up to a sustained 10-11. Revenue has increased with a corresponding decrease in shop head count. Our average month $revenue per shop employee has gone from a historic $25,000 to two years of $31,000 per employee. We have been able to increase the level of quick turnaround, premium priced business because of our reliability on predicting delivery times.
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FMC Kongsberg Subsea , United States.
Industry:  Industrial equipment/machinery   Sales:  $200,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC   Experts Involved:  Scott Button TOC Company:  Pinnacle Manufacturing Consulting
Brief Summary:  �The results have been dramatic,� says Richard Meier, Subsea Assembly Manager. �The time required to complete a tree has dropped from 18 weeks to under 10 weeks, and we believe that we will achieve eight weeks as a reliable performance measure in the next two or three trees.�
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Afrox Ltd   Division:  Industrial & Special Products , South Africa.
Industry:  Other   Sales:  $650,000,000     
TOC Applications:  Replenishment ,TOCs Demand Chain Replenishment (PULL), Constraint and Buffer Management in Supply Chain Management.   TOC Company:  Goldratt Group
Brief Summary:  The implementation of a Constraint and Customer focused PULL system has been piloted in the central warehouse and a few of their distribution sites. Simulations and actual results have shown a significant improvement and reduction in the variability of the OTSA & DIFOT performance (sustaining levels within target levels of 99% to priority customers on priority products) while at the same time enabling a reduction in overall stockholding. TOC has also been implemented at one of the �problem� factories that frequently jeopardised the OTSA and DIFOT targets with excellent results. Based on the results to date, a decision has been made to roll-out TOC to other sites
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