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TOC Reference Bank - Page 8
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Unilever, lever Ponds   Division:  Quality Products , South Africa.
Industry:  Other   Sales:  $25,000,000     
TOC Applications:  All TOC applications   TOC Company:  Goldratt Group
Brief Summary:  4X4 process was used to develop strategy . Required integrated ERP system,a business intelligence tool to allow for S-DBR and full replenishment in supply chain. Worked together with software developer (Syspro) and Implementer to develop integrated new rules, while implementing new software. Unilever went live with TOC rules and reports in place. During the implementation the constraint shifted from external to interal and is being addressed.
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NAVAIR   Division:  Cherry Point , United States.
Industry:  Other  
TOC Applications:  CC ,Concerto  
Brief Summary:  Throughput - the number of units serviced - has increased by a full 100% (Doubled)
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RexRoto , United States.
Industry:  Industrial equipment/machinery  
TOC Applications:  CC ,Concerto   TOC Company:  Constraints Management Group
Brief Summary:  Throughput has increased by over 50%, primarily because the rework in manufacturing has come down dramatically; also engineering and manufacturing are now completely synchronized, through integrated task priorities
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United states Naval Shipyard   Division:  Pearl Harbor , United States.
Industry:  Industrial equipment/machinery  
TOC Applications:  CC ,Concerto   TOC Company:  Vector Strategies, Realization
Brief Summary:  Official results from the shipyard show 11 percent more jobs done per upkeep while using five percent less man-hours; a 13 percent increase in job completions. Cycle time reduced by 5.6 days and on-time deliveries have improved from 10% to nearly 98%.
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Sadesa   Division:  Paycueros , Uruguay.
Industry:  Tanner   Sales:  $90,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  At the end of 1992 the lecture of �The Goal� was started. By the end of 1993 many significant improvements were obtained such as the reduction of Lead Time from 30 days to 11 days along with an inventory reduction of 69%These allowed them to manufacture the whole production of one of the group�s companies that was closing without any investment. Net profits doubled in this time period.
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Varanni de Mxico S.A. de C.V. , Mexico.
Industry:  Retail   Sales:  $12,000,000     
TOC Applications:  4x4 ,Distribution, Mafia Offer   Experts Involved:  Adrian Isunza TOC Company:  Goldratt Asociados
Brief Summary:  Through the implementation of the TOC distribution solution, inventories were reduced by 40% and the five year revenue targets were achieved in only two years.
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Audus Noble Ltd , United Kingdom.
Industry:  Plastic Packaging  
TOC Applications:  DBR  
Brief Summary:  Implemented in one week on Healthcare Product for the Eye Care Industry - Annual Throughput Increased by �82,500 with no change to Operating Expenses. In the Plastic Molding Assembly for the Confectionary Industry Annual Throughput Increased by �95,750 Operating Expenses Reduced by �22,500. Delivery Performance Improved from 92% to 100%. Company Stock Levels Reduced by 50% from approx. �500K to �250K per annum.In 2003 resulted in the Operations Department delivering the highest performance, breaking all previous Company Sales records for the previous seven years.
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Kriesler Manufacturing Corp   Division:  Aerospace Div , United States.
Industry:  Aerospace   Sales:  $14,000,000     
TOC Applications:  DBR ,ECC  
Brief Summary:  Throughput / Operating Expense Ratio improved from 0.59 to 1.3 in Three Years and equals 120% increase from losses to healthy Profitability. Sales $5.4 million to $14 million 1996 to 1998. Share Price 1880% increased between Aug 96 to Nov 97.
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SR Instruments, INC   Division:  medical Instrument Division , United States.
Industry:  Medical equipment  
TOC Applications:  All TOC applications   TOC Company:  Global Focus LLC
Brief Summary:  Increased Sales by 83%, doubled inventory turns while reducing production lead times from 8 weeks to one day. Net profits jumped an impresive 130%.
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Zoran Corporation   Division:  Zoran Microelectronics , Israel.
Industry:  Semiconductor   Sales:  $60,000,000     
TOC Applications:  CC   Experts Involved:  Hanan Lechtman TOC Company:  Bitzuim Memukadim
Brief Summary:  Based on CEO summary before starting the implementation there where a feeling that projects time table went almost out of control. As a direct result of the implementation results followed quickly. There were clear early warning indicators for up-coming problems. Management could take decisions based on valid data. Projects are finished on schedule.
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