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News & Press: International Award

2018 TOCICO International Conference Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Tuesday, May 8, 2018   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Jana Purcell
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Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
Dee Jacob
Dr. Lisa Lang
Ravi Gilani
Miguel Abuhab
Lisa Scheinkopf

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to TOCICO Members who have dedicated their time and efforts over a long period of time - professionally and personally - to benefit the TOCICO community in a wide variety of ways as well as to make a significant contribution to the TOC Body of Knowledge (BOK). Download the FULL Press Release from the 2018 International Conference in Las Vegas for the Exellence Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards and other important news.


Miguel Abuhab - Founder, Neogrid

Miguel has been involved in TOC for a number of decades and has successfully taken the principles of the Theory of Constraints into many new areas. He has led the way in creating TOC based software solutions across a number of industries and more recently in the retail market space. He has built a number of successful businesses that are exemplars of TOC in action.

Miguel has led and supported the use of TOC in a number of educational environments across South America. He has a tremendous track record of investing in TOC for education and its application in new areas.

Miguel has one of the most extensive records for implementing the TOC approach across decades. He has often been at the forefront of new developments and worked very closely with Dr Goldratt over many years.

Miguel has developed a series of TOC software applications that have been applied in global businesses around the world.

Miguel has contributed to the development of the TOC Body of Knowledge (BOK) through regularly presenting at TOCICO and has shared the knowledge he has created with the wider community both through the TOCICO and many other conferences, presentations and meetings including large corporations, Industry leaders and Government officials.

Lisa Scheinkopf - Goldratt Consult

Lisa Scheinkopf has been involved in the creation and dissemination of TOC knowledge over many decades. She worked closely with Dr Goldratt for many years and has been tireless in her efforts to bring new people to TOC.

She has led the development, articulation and dissemination of TOC knowledge throughout her career. Including a number of important texts and education endeavors.

She has led many implementations across many decades and has often been at the forefront of new innovations in both the thinking processes and applications of TOC. She is recognized as a major contributor in the development of the TOC Thinking Process and is recognized as a world leader in this field

She has contributed to the development of the TOC Body of Knowledge (BOK) through her work in TOC curriculum development and is the author of multiple books and articles. She has been a regular presenter at TOCICO and other conferences.

Dr. Lisa Lang - Science of Business

“Dr Lisa” is the President of the Science of Business, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies to achieve bottom line results. She has served as the Global Marketing Director for Dr Eli Goldratt, father of Theory of Constraints and author of The Goal and is a well-known Theory of Constraints Professional Speaker, Applying TOC (Theory of Constraints) to Marketing and Sales, Marketing Constraint, Sales Constraint, Pricing, Cash Flow and applying Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) to highly complex job shops.

“Dr. Lisa” is a renowned Theory of Constraints (TOC) expert and is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to marketing. She is regularly sought out for her expertise on developing market offers (mafia offers) that increase sales. She has been named a Manufacturing Trendsetter in the USA Today for her work helping highly custom job shops and machine shops to become more productive, more competitive and to bring manufacturing back to the U.S with Velocity Scheduling System.  Dr. Lisa has also appeared in CNBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Yahoo Finance to name a few.  

As a speaker and consultant, Dr. Lisa focuses on maximizing profitability and cash flow and is the creator of Mafia Offer Boot Camps, the original and only, 3 day boot camp devoted to the development of YOUR mafia offer. She generously shared this process with over 30 companies at this year’s TOCICO International Conference.

Lisa has contributed to the development of the TOC Body of Knowledge (BOK) through multiple presentations at TOCICO Conferences, workshops and webinars on Marketing, and the Mafia Offer process. She is the author of several articles, her book Increasing Cash Velocity: The Theory of Constraints Approach to Cash Velocity and was the major contributor to the TOC Handbook publishing the chapter on the subject of Mafia Offers: Dealing with a Market Constraint.

Dee Jacob - VelosCT, LLC

Dee Jacob VelosCT, LLC – CEO (Owner) The Marketplace Emporia LLC / Location: Guilford, CT USA, has been at the forefront of TOC since 1988. At Proctor and Gamble, she led some of the earliest continuous process DBR solutions, the first replenishment, and Critical Chain solutions. Joining AGI in 1991, Dee continued the development of Critical Chain and the associated Portfolio Management solution, thinking processes, and supply chain.

Dee’s contributions to the Theory of Constraints Body of Knowledge (BOK have been significant as Dee is a prolific educator. At AGI Dee created education material and taught the Jonah Program®, the Jonah’s Jonah Program®, and Technical Expert programs in Project Portfolio Management and Supply Chain Management. She is co-author with Suzan Bergland and Jeff Cox of Velocity; Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance and a contributor to the TOC Handbook for AGI.

In 2013, Dee became CEO when she formed a new business, VelosCT, with her husband Bob to provide TOC based solutions focused on service, value, and their customers’ success. VelosCT has through new customer base, created opportunities to create both improved selling processes as well as expanded tools and education for Project Management, Supply Chain and Thinking Processes that bring service, value and success to its customers.

Dee has been at the forefront of working with major government and corporate clients – and solving the challenges of selling and creating rapid deployment models for success.  

In 2015, Dee formed a partnership to transform a small-town landmark business in her hometown into something new and exciting using the principles of TOC.
Ravi Gilani - Founder and Managing Consultant of Goldratt India

Ravi Gilani introduced TOC to Indian organizations in 1998. As the Managing Consultant of Goldratt India, Ravi introduced Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) in India in 1998. He is the first ‘Jonah’ (TOC Expert) in India. He is also the first Indian member of the Goldratt Group’s international network of associates. Ravi was trained by Dr. Goldratt in Supply Chain Management.  He is a Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) certified expert and has also served as a member on the board of TOCICO from 2005-2008 and 2013-2016. His presentations on TOC implementation in Indian companies at sought after at international conferences.

Prior to founding Goldratt India, Ravi was the Chief Consultant at ECS Limited (Formerly Eicher Consultancy Services Limited). During his consulting career of over 23 years, Ravi has consulted for Indian and transnational organizations, such as L&T, Godrej & Boyce, Salora, RPG Cables, Alstom, Indian Aluminum, Dalmia Cement, OCL, ICI, Exide, Eicher, Ringplus Aqua, Sona Okegawa, NIIT, Paharpur Cooling Towers, Gokaldas Images, Flexituff and Jindal Steel and Power Limited. Before starting his consulting career, Ravi gained valuable hands-on experience for 21 years in operations in the automobile industry (Tata Motors and Eicher).

Ravi is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He enjoys striving for the impossible by challenging sacred assumptions and simplifying complexity. In addition to his consulting assignments, he enjoys sharing his vast experience in Indian industry through guest lectures, seminars and workshops. He also writes a guest column for Outlook Business magazine.

Ravi has contributed extensively to the development of the Theory of Constraints Body of Knowledge (BOK) and to the TOC Community worldwide through his presentations and workshops at TOCICO Conferences focusing on cash constraints, addressing system constraints and through Webinars for the TOCICO.



James F. Cox III says...
Posted Friday, November 2, 2018
Congratulations to each of you. Well deserved for your many contributions to TOC and TOCICO.