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Volunteer Opportunities for a TOCICO Committee

Volunteer Opportunities

TOCICO is seeking volunteers for its Committees as a means for providing additional capabilities and capacity to develop and grow our organization.

Committees are essential for most associations. They offer many benefits such as:
  • Identifying future leaders
  • Engaging members
  • Developing creative ideas from the diverse input of members and stakeholders
  • Generating revenue and expanding capacity (resource) and capability (skills)
  • Advancing the strategic mission and goals

Members of the TOCICO Board and its Committees are generally volunteers.  That is, they are unpaid for the work they do on behalf of the organization. The exception being the General Manager and contracted admin assistants. This realization enables a proper appreciation of their time input and the work they do. This is an honorable undertaking, to be in service of others achieving the organizations mission and goals, and is fully appreciated.

Volunteer Requirements

It’s simple! If you have interest and time to help the organization, you are welcome to become a volunteer.

TOCICO Board and Committee members come from all walks of life: education, business executives, consultants, business owners, project managers, production and supply chain operators, students, medical practitioners and many more. In general, the individuals are working as a professional or becoming one. The common factor is that they have some motivation for wanting to assist our organisation.

The work of each committee is developed each year by the committee and approved by the Board. Serving on a Committee generally requires attending monthly meetings and undertaking duties in between. Estimates of time involvement vary depending on each Committee. A typical allocation of time would be approximately 10-12 hours per month. Committee members may serve on a committee for up to three years.

Volunteer Benefits

Being a committee member is an excellent personal development activity. Whilst there is a time outlay there is also a potential to learn many things, meet other members and contribute in many ways.

Further benefits of volunteering for a Committee of TOCICO include:

  • Developing and implementing organization strategic and operational plans
  • Gaining a greater understanding of budgeting and financial management processes
  • Learning how to develop policy and procedures
  • Being involved in planning, promoting and managing events
  • Working with some of TOC’s leading experts and gain networking experience amongst your peers
  • Gaining personal satisfaction having worked to support TOCICO and the advancement of TOC
  • Gaining a more effective voice and having a say on matters that you think are important to TOCICO
  • Improve your own CV and gain new knowledge to help forward your own career.

Recruiting enthusiastic members to serve on our Standing and Ad Hoc Committees is an important responsibility of the Board. We hope that you will join us as a Volunteer. Please click below to fill out a Volunteer application today.


 Current TOCICO Committee Structure as at September 1, 2020