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International Conference Videos Table 2012
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2012 International Conference Videos

Chicago, Illinois  

 Last Name  First Name  Presentation Title
 Guilherme  Two Sides of the Same Coin: A sharper look on what makes organizational culture
 Balmforth  Paul  Implementing Replenishment in a Hi-Tech Environment - a case of Teledyne DALSA - a long lead time, high mix, low volume and high variability situation
 Humberto   Three Layers of Cause and Effect 
 Barnard   Alan   Strategy Session & TOC Body of Knowledge
 Barnard   Alan   Learning from experience: Why we should, why we don't, and how to do it
 Birrell   Matias   Applying the Principles of Flow to Non Dependent Resources
 Brasil   Antonio   Competitive Advantage through Critical Chain
 Camp  Henry   Investing with TOC 
 Cox  James   The Use of TOC in a Medical Appointment Scheduling System for Family Practice
 Cox  Kristen   TOC in Government: Challenges and Opportunities
 Dee  Jacob   Goldilocks and the Three Buffers (Project Management)
 de Kiewiet  Mark  Solid gains throughout an Acute Hospital
 Denison   Rick   First Throughput Accounting, then GAAP Standing on the Shoulders of the TOC Creators 
 Ferguson  Lisa  Lessons Learned Writing Transformational Strategy and Tactic Trees
 Francis   Kenneth   Boyd Cycles, TOC and the Agile Organization
 Gil   Mario   System Boundaries 
 Goldratt  Rami  Management Attention:  Achieving results dealing with complexity, uncertainty and conflicts
 Hamilton   Dan  Ellwood City Forge (ECF)’s Quest to Become Ever Flourishing
 Hurtado   Andres   Standing on Eli Goldratt Shoulders Management attention to build the ever-flourishing state
 Ivanov  Sergey   Temporal Dimension to Organizational Research: the Time-span Method of Discovering the Corporate DNA
 Kishira   Yuji   Win-Win-Win Public works in Fukushima Before and After disaster
 Knight   Alex  TOC in Healthcare: Broadening the Shoulders of our Giant
 Kohls   Kevin   The 7 Key Points for Designing Profitable Manufacturing Systems
 Kohls   Kevin  Comparing the Toyota Way and the Theory of Constraints
 Kothekar   Kiran  Having presence in Exclusive Brand stores Vs placing products in Multibrand Outlets: Building on the Consumer Goods Strategy and Tactic tree for fashion goods companies
 Kothekar   Kiran  How being on Viable Vision through the SnT resolves the conflict of Long Term Vs. Short Term.
 Kulraj   Puneet  Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Using Buffer Management principles to manage environments with large variety and very low norms
 Lang  Lisa  Mafia Offers: Dealing with a Market Constraint
 Marris  Philip  Using TOC to Boost Lean Organizations
 Mohanty Satyashri  Managing New Product Development Projects in Auto Components Industry
 Moura   Eduardo  Using TOC-TP as a Guide to Integrate Lean, Six Sigma, Process Management and TOC Solutions for Business Improvement
 Ozeki  Katsumi   How to dramatically improve TPS (Toyota Production System) flow line performance - 6 days 60% increase
 Price  Jared CCPM Maturity Model
 Radkevicius  Darius   The Path to Improve the Flow of Goods in Retail. Based on Life Implementations Within 5 FMCG Chains
 Raz  Roei  From “Push” to “Pull” Titan Watch Division 
 Ronen   Boaz   Achilles’ Heel: Identifying and Leveraging a Competitor’s Weakest Point 
 Ronen   Boaz   Justice In Time: Applying TOC to Law Courts Systems
 Rucinskaite  Milda Implementing CCPM solution in Guaranty Fund of Department of Enterprise Bankruptcy Management
 Sawai  Nami  Flow of our visit:  How to accelerate our implementation during consultant absence
 Scheinkopf  Lisa  Linear High Touch Time: A New TOC Application
 Schragenheim   Hadas Sifting Information Out of the Data Ocean - Using the company's existing data in the buy-in process
 Stratton   Roy   Buffer Management in Context
 Suerken  Kathy Standing on the Shoulders of TOC to Impact an ENTIRE NATION
 Ujigawa  Koichi   A new buffer management approach for CCPM
 Youngman    Kelvyn  The Systemic Cloud And The Layers Of Resistance: Hiding In Plain Sight