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International Conference Videos Table 2013
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2013 International Conference Videos

Frankfurt, Germany

 Last Name  First Name  Presentation Title
 Javier   Using Load Control Mechanism as a Focusing Tool for Sales and Marketing
 Barnard   Alan  Overcoming Limiting Assumptions Using the Change Matrix Cloud
 Barnard   Alan  Introduction to Strategy & Tactic the Theory of Constraints Way
 Baptista   Humberto  The Five Fears and The Human Potential
 Baptista  Humberto   Three Layers of Logic or Never say “I Know” when it comes to Thinking
 Belpaire  Eric   Strategy & Tactics Tree of a Local Non Profit Organization Promoting TOC
 Bolton  Robert  “Mine to Market” Throughput Focused Mining
 Bonatsos  Spyros  Milk Run Replenishment in Cyprus
 Brasil  Antonio  ToC – CCPM Turning Invisible into Visible for Decision
 Burkhard  Rudi  Die Supply Chain Losungen der TOC (German)
 Burkhard  Rudi   Take The Risk Out Of Innovation 
 Chaudhari  Chandrashekhar  TOC in Animal Farming
 Chim   Wai Kong   CUSUM Chart Application in CCPM Buffer Management
 Cohen  Oded  Developing Local Operational Indicators and Money Buffers
 Cohen  Oded  Lessons learnt in Implementing Make-to-Availability (MTA) and Distribute-to-Availability (DTA)
 Cox  Jim  What is the Theory of Constraints? 
 Fedurko  Jelena   Looking into UDE Clouds –how to get them right 
 Fondevila  Erica   The Role Of SOP’s To Secure The Viable Vision Change Process
 Fox  Kevin   TOC to Improve State Government 
 Gilani  Ravi  Implementing TOC in a Cash Constrained Organization  
 Gilani  Ravi  System Productivity
 Goldratt  Rami  Retail The TOC Way 
 Hitomi  Mitsuo  Technology Breakthrough by Operational Breakthrough
 Holt  James  Basics Workshop: Project and Multi-Project Management
 Holt  James   Managing Complex Organizations: A Simplified Approach
 Holt   James   Simplified Critical Chain Project Management
 Holt  Steve  Complex Systems, Theory of Constraints, and the Search for Inherent Simplicity
 Holt  Steve   Fire the Consultants to get the Green Curve and the Red Curve
 Humpert   Don  V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. A Case Study
 Hurtado  Andres   Increasing Flow in Customer World
 Jacob   Dee  Turning Buffer Management On Its Ear 
 Jaeck  Pierre   Throughput Accounting, transfer pricing, and international fiscal environment
 Jasinavicius  Nerius  Our Quest On Making TOC the Main Way For Managing The Country 
 Kasichainula  Ramakrishna  CCPM Implementation in Dr Reddy’s
 Keith   Mark   Using TOC-TP to Convert Operational Risk Assessment into Competitive Advantage for Financial Services Firms
 Kishira  Yuji   Holistic Government Transformation Management by TOC with proof of concept case study in Miyazaki Prefecture
 Knight   Alex  The Development of TOC Applications for the Service Sector
 Lang  Lisa  5 Major Marketing Mistakes
 Lenhartz  Christoph  What is TOC? 
 Lenhartz  Christoph  Einführung in die Strategie & Taktik der Theory of Constraints (German)
 Mabin  Vicky   The TOC Thinking Processes Basics Workshop
 Marris  Philip  TOC + Lean + Six Sigma or TLS What is it? Is it a threat or an opportunity for TOC?
 Ronen  Boaz  Introducing the “Superzouf”
 Schragenheim  Eli  High Level Decision Making 
 Schragenheim  Eli  Learning from One Event 
 Sims   Chris   SAP and TOC: A Match Made in Heaven? 
 Sirias  Denilo  Strategy &Tactic trees using SWOT 
 Stenger  Frederic  IEE CCPM Implementation
 Stratton  Roy  DBR/SDBR/MTA/Replen
 Stratton  Roy  Buffer Management in Context 
 Stratton  Roy   TOC:Process of On-Going Improvement
 Surace  Rocco   Finance & Measures workshop
 Taylor   Bill  12 Questions TP Approach
 Thompson  John  Depth on the Managerial Bench
 Ujigawa  Koichi  New Buffer Approach for CCPM
 Updegrove  David   Secrets of Critical Chain Success 
 Van der Zel  Kobus   TOC Saves Colovos Company 
 Walsh   Daniel   Critical Chain: Adding 3rd Dimension 
 Winiarek  Maciej  TOC Tools in Early Years 
 Woeppel  Mark  ToC Tapped to Accelerate Gulf of Mexico Cleanup 
 Zulechner  Kerstin   Sourcing, the Unresolved Issue