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International Conference Videos Table 2014
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2014 International Conference Videos

Washington D.C.

 Last Name  First Name  Presentation Title
 Guilherme  Seasonality Strategy Deep & Narrow
 Bakardzhiev  Dimitar  Project Planning Using Little's Law
 Baptista  Humberto  Modern TOC Distribution and Retail
 Baptista  Humberto  Real TOC: Why Implementations Fail And What To Do About It
 Barnard   Alan  The Bottleneck Is Always At The Top Of The Bottle
 Birrell  Matias   Why A Decisive Competitive Edge Behaves Like a New Technology?
 Brown-Brulant  David   Extending the Critical Chain Project Management Body of Knowledge to Research and Development using the Lean Six-Sigma Model
 Budd  Charlene   Decision Making in Non-Internal Constraint Organizations And Why It Is Difficult to Gain the True Support of Accounting and Finance Professionals in TOC Implementations
 Camp  Henry   Investing With TOC 
 Camp  Henry   Pulling TOC: How to Overcome Fear of Moving TOC
 Chaudhari  Chandrashekhar   Universe Beyond The Earth 
 Cohen  Oded   TOC Thinking Processes – TP Basics
 Cohen   Oded   Lessons For Production Management for MTO Using G-   Sim Simulator
 Covington   John   What I Learned About Leadership From My Dog 
 Cox  Kristen   Better, Faster, Cheaper State Government 
 Cox  James  TOCICO Resources at your Service: Using, Sharing, and  Developing the TOC Body of Knowledge
 de Souza  Silverio  Pilots The TOC Way: Navigating The Change
 de Souza   Silverio   Underlying Assumptions Of Choking The Release
 Doi  Hirofumi  Creating A Holistic Shipbuilding Operation
 Fedurko  Jelena   Sorting Out Organizational Conflicts Through
Organizational Interest Conflict Cloud
Transferred Into a Series of Dilemma Clouds
 Fondevila  Erica   Back to Basics: The Power of POOGI
 Fox  Kevin  Fostering On-going Improvement in Government Operations
 Fox  Robert   TLS –Breakthrough Or Just Another Tool?
 Freitas  Pushpika  Simplifying the Simplicity: Application if TOC in NGO
 Gaikwad  Ramnish  Godrej Security Solutions Viable Vision Journey Continues even in Slowdown
 Goldratt  Rami  Delivering Value – Removing Constraints for Business Growth
 Goto  Tomohiro   Bottom-up implementation of Multi-Project CCPM
 Gupta  Sanjeev  KANBAN + CCPM CCPM 2.0 Simpler, Better, Scalable
 Holt  James   Basics Workshop: Project and Multi-Project Management
 Holt   James   Resource Loading and Project Management
 Holt  James   Improving Critical Chain Project Management Implementations: CCPM Maturity Model
 Holt   Steve   Why TOC Says Companies on the Red Curve Should Hire More Managers 
 Holt  Steve  Breaking the Management Constraint: Using Mission Command and Theory of Constraints to Create a Culture of Action
 Horowitz   Roy   Does Merchandising Improve Or Harm Stores Performance?
 Hudson  John   Healthcare’s Adaptive Design and TOC
 Hudson  John  TLS Puts Patients First in the Emergency Department 
 Inzou   Bahadir  Implementing Dynamic Replenishment for Higher Availability with Less Inventory: Results from Turkish Airlines Technic 
 Jacob  Dee  What’s In The Banana –How to Write Better Cause and Effect Immediately
 Jacob   Dee  Breaking the Code with Executives A Key to Improved External and Internal Sales
 Jacob  Dee  Criticality- The key To Resource Management and Decision Making In Critical Chain
 Kendall  Gerald   How to Implement TOC Successfully
 Knight  Alex   Improving Global Healthcare with the Theory of Constraints
 Knight  Alex  Level 1 Basics Workshop Healthcare
 Knight  Alex  Level 2 Basics Workshop Healthcare 
 Knight  Alex   Level 3 Basics Workshop Healthcare
 Koehler  John   Nu-Business A TOC Approach to Entrepreneurship
 Kohls   Kevin  8 Tools to Over Manage the Bottleneck
 Kohls  Kevin   Does TOC Understand Motivation? 
 Lang  Lisa  TOC Marketing for Consultants
 Lenhartz  Christoph   What Is the Theory of Constraints? A Basic Workshop
 Lenhartz  Christoph   Focused CCPM Implementation with the Project Execution Maturity Matrix
 Manfredi   Camilo  Distribution as the Key Competitive Edge in a Fast-moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain
 Mistry  Sunil   Case Study of a TOC Implementation in a T-Plant with Mixed environment
 Mordoch  Avraham  The Journey Starts with Chaos: The Organizational Maturity Model for Projects Management Environments Upgrade Workshop
 Morita  Shin-ichi  A Decade Long Case Study - Implementation of Project S&T Tree for Software Development
 Muraro  Marco   Riachuelo Fast Fashion Journey Challenging the fashion retail paradigms with TOC Retail thinking
 Mycue   Alfredo   Rapid Process Improvement Efforts at Texas Workforce Commission A Texas-Sized Undertaking
 Naik  Rahul   Godrej Security Solutions - "Viable Vision Journey Continues Even in a Slowdown"
 Newbold  Rob  The Project Manifesto: Explaining TOC through Values Selling TOC through Values
 Nishihara  Takashi  New Sales and Marketing Innovation Sales Buffer management Starting from Mafia Offer
 Pena   Salvador   Steady Growth by Breaking Inertia with the Use of Thinking Tools in the Financial Segment 
 Pitshon  Ziv   Range, Sales & Freshness Fashion Retail Environment
 Robinson  Hilbert   Taming the Chaos in the Annual Capital Budgeting Process with Multi-Project Critical Chain
 Ronen   Boaz   The “Three-One-One” Focused Value Creation for Public and Private Hospitals
 Round   Mike   Inertia and the Impetus Injection
 Schragenheim  Amir   Push Vs. Pull Seasonality
 Schragenheim  Amir   Sales People Compensation
 Schragenheim  Eli  What can we learn from the development of the profound ideas of Dr. Goldratt?
 Schragenheim  Eli  Supply Chain in the TOC Way
 Schragenheim  Eli  Using Two Different Types of Buffers as One Protection Mechanism
 Schragenheim  Eli  Erase T/CU From The TOC BOK– The Damage Is Far More Than The Benefit!
 Smith  Debra  The Right Rules Tools Before Smart Metrics
 Smith  Debra  Demand Driven Performance -Using Smart Metrics
 Soejima  Chizuru   Enterprise-wide Promotion Framework for CCPM Implementation (EPF) in NTT DATA
 Stemberger   Mark   Sales Restructuring Delivered 
 Stratton   Roy  A Holistic Solution for Community Health and Social Care
 Stratton  Roy   TOC – A Unifying Theory?
 Taylor  Bill  The 12 Questions Current Reality Branch, Chronic Conflict and Generics
 Tobita   Kojiro  Quality Improvement Without Improving Quality
 Tobita   Motoi   Buy-in the 4 pillars of TOC belief: How to remove 4 obstacles to think clearly in half-day
 Uga  Ami  TOC For Mental Health 
 Ujigawa  Koichi  A New Answer: Agile CCPM
 Warchalowski  Jack  Too Big to Change The Cost Side of CCPM
 Watanabe  Kaoru  New Paradigm of Information System (Business Application) Design
 Wilson  Patrick   An Exploration of the Inherent Simplicity of the TOC Applications
 Woeppel  Mark  Deconstructing Critical Chain