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2015 International Conference Videos
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2015 International Conference Videos

Cape Town, South Africa

 Last Name  First Name  Presentation Title
Abuhab Miguel A Plan to Boost Brazil's Economy by Simplifying its Tax Systems
Almeida Guilherme  Capturing the Essence: from Mistakes to Transformation
Austin Kathy  Step 1 of the Journey: Transforming Delta Airlines
Avidan Orion  Leading a Buffered Life
Answering Questions of Technology: Using the TP to transform the Way Innovations is Managed
Barnard Alan  How to Effectively and Efficiently Improve Flow Within Any Environment
Bartel Konrad CCPM and DBR Integrated Using CCPM Software in a Product Development and Prototying Company
Bhagat Sanjay  Baja Electricals Ltd: Delivering Large Infrastructure Projects on Time
Chakour  Paulo  Construction Management Transformed by Critical Chain Method
Sailing Against the Tide: The JCB Implementation Case Study
Challenging the Sufficiency of Rationality: The Role of Emotions in TOC Acceptance
Namkee Switching S&OP to MTA Reduces the Volatility of Supply Chain Planning
Cooper Joe Transforming Project Turmoil into Project Harmony: A Critical Chain (CCPM) Basics
Cox III James The Academic, Practitioner and TOC Perspectives of Appointment Scheduling in a Family Practice Medical
De Souza Silverio  Replenishing Fast Movers in MTO 
Dhanuka Mridul  Transforming India's Agriculture: Winning Against the Weather
Drori Guy  TOC Based Software vs. Common ERP Systems 
Fondevila Erica  Sustaining a decisive competitive edge: Protecting availability while having limited capacity 
Gilani Ravi  Transforming Budgeting and Review Processes the TOC Way
Hannan Mike Improving Project Portfolio Performance with Buffer - Type Flexibilty and Task Level _DBR
Holt Steven   Succeeding in a complex world: Practices to enable continuing superior
Inozu Bahadir  IT Project Portfolio Throughput with Task - Level DBR, Lean, Agile
Inozu Bahadir  Working with the Success Framework on the inside, for Success on the Outside:
Jaeck  Pierre  Theory of Constraints (TOC) as a Critical Resource for Transformation
Janse Van Rensburg
Dawid Implementing TOC Supply Chain Solutions to Enhance the South African Footware Industry
Johnson Russ Transforming the Competitive Bid Game
Johnson Russ Transforming our Assumption About Managing Systems and Resources via Simple Games and Exercise
Lenhartz Christoph What is TOC? Basics workshop
Transforming Supply Chains (Manufacturing) from Push to Pull
Levy Ohad Dynamic Software Development and Team Management Using CCPM
Magpili Luna How the TOC Approach Protects Systems from Harm and Creates Opportunities
Malykhanov Andrey
Mine Outboard Logistics Planning for a Large Mineral Resources Company 
Marris Phillip TOC to Boost Aeronautical Manufacturing Performance
Marris Phillip How to Identify Constraints in Production and Projects
Mirzaei Maryam Constraints Classification for Projects
Mistry Sunil Transforming the Sales Force During Economic Turndown
Nimkar Sanjeev Kiroskar Oil Engines Ltd. Enabling Assured One Week Delivery
Transforming Manufacturing by Combining  Replenishment Complex BOM's and Seasonality
Ronen Boaz  Transforming Software Development in IT Divisions the TOC Way
Round Michael  Transforming the Giant's Body of Knowledge into Action
Round  Michael  A New Kind of Textbook: Business / Education Cooperation to Transform the Textbook
Schragenheim  Amir  Virtual Buffers - What They are and What are the Good for?
Implementing  TOC on a Large Supermarket Chain
Transform Your Life Using Clear and Rigorous Thinking
Sierraalta Maria Christina  Transformation of the flow of patient-centered care in the emergency room
Sinha Rakesh  Godrej Consumer Products - Story of the First Viable Vision Implementation in the World
Steyn  Johan  Is 50% the Correct Number?
Stratton  Roy  Teaching TOC in Content
Surace  Rocco  Finance and Measures Workshop
Van Niekerk  Arrie  A TOC Practitioners Story of 15 Years of TOC Applications in the Mining Industry
Visser  Albert  How to Transform an Organization from Fragile to more Robust
Warchalowski  Jack  CCPM Transformation Challenges
Wocke  Carle  Don't Mine Big Data, Mine Your Top Experts