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2016 International Conference Videos
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2016 International Conference Videos

Leesburg, Virginia

 Last Name  First Name  Presentation Title
Abuhab Miguel From Sell-In to Sell-Out and Beyond
Angus John Utah State Government, Application Development: Increasing The Capacity to Do Good Utah Department of Technology Services
Anthony David  Toward a TOC Approach to Worker Safety and Sociotechnical Health
Arevalo Javier Expanding Our Paradigm About Resistance to Change
Austin Kathy  Transforming you into a Buy-In Champ: Why layers of resistance don't always achieve Buy-In and what to do about it.
Baptista Humberto  TOC For Education: A Logistical Approach
Baptista  Humberto 
How to Enable True Human Growth Through HR
Barnard Alan  Why Good People Make and Often Repeat Bad Decisions 
Birrell Matias  How to Control the Flow of a Rigid Production Environment With Flexible Demand and Seasonality
Camp Henry  Creating Naturally Motivating Environments (without bribery)
Chung Namkee An Integrated Design of Sales Pipeline Management for Sales Growth Sustainability
Ciola Da Silba Gilberto  Impact of Sales Concentration of Constrained Delivery Date Distribution Systems
Clark  Robin  Improving Performance in a Multi – Project Environment: A Systematic Approach to Resource Loading
Cooper  Joe  Faster Projects, Delivered On-Time With CCPM Workshop
Cox Kristen  Eight Fundamentals for Scaling and Sustaining a TOC Effort Across State Government 
Cox  James  An Examination of the Academic, Practitioner, TOC & Our Perspectives of the Provider Appointment Scheduling System
Utah State Government, Invasive Species Eradication Program: A Preemptive To Attack On New Invaders
Fay Chris  Redefining Airline Catering at the World's Busiest Hub
Fondevila  Erica  Sustaining Commitments to Our Clients
Fox  Kevin  Government Basics Full-Day Workshop
Fox  Kevin  Toward Sustaining TOC: The Importance of Changing Institutional Decision Models
Gilani  Ravi  Simplifying Measurements to Make More Money Workshop 
Gilani Lal  Ira  Quick Decision-Making in a Cash Constraint Situation (Workshop) 
Gupta  Sanjeev  Accelerating TOC Adoption: It is Time to Change
Holt Steve  Stay on the Red Curve by Making Your Own Products Obsolete
Hudson  John  Successful Sustainability Strategies and Tactics 
Inozu  Bahadir  Managing Constraints in the Entertainment Industry: Applications for Scripted and Unscripted Productions
Inozu  Bahadir  Managing Constraints for Agile Economic Development
Ivanov Sergey  Before Transformation: What Must Come Before TOC, Management Diseases and Obstacles
Izumi  Takaaki  Education Investment or Equipment Investment? How to Bring an Immediate and Sustainable Improvement
Jacob  Dee  Starting and Managing a Business Through TOC
Jasinavicius  Nerius  Adjusting TOC for Small Business (TOC Light)
Kirloskar  Niranjan  Fleetguard Filters Private Ltd.
Kishira  Yuji  How to Learn The Lessons From The Failures in TOC Way - "Mystery Analysis" 7 Questions with a Case Study 
Koehler  John  How to Create a Sustainable TOC Business Success
Kohls  Kevin  The "Bad Luck" TOC Obstacle - Management Churn
Kothekar  Kiran  Sustaining the TOC Culture: Management Styles for "Ever Flourishing"Companies
Kudo  Takashi  Performing Fast Results’ POC in Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Lang  Lisa  TOC Marketing: Stop Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes to Exploit Your Market Constraint
Lenhartz  Christoph  Basics of TOC Full-Day Workshop
Basics CCPM Workshop
Lu Hogan  Chinese Culture and TOC 
Mabin  Vicky  TOC for Academic Research 
Mabin Vicky Expanding the World of TOC
Mycue  Alfredo The TOC Transformation of Texas Workforce Commission
Mycue  Alfredo Governments New Bottom Line
Chieko How to Make a Sustainable and Substantial Growth in the Shrinking Market
Newbold Rob  Rethinking Critical Chain Scheduling
Newbold  Rob  Resistance Has No Layers
Oliveira  Priscilla  Embraer Case Study Challenges
Ozeki  Katsumi  Removing Engines of Disharmony
Patrick Duncan  Marrying Materials and capacity to Determine Realistic Promise Dates
Ricketts John  Dynamic Strategy and Tactics 
Roff-Marsh Justin The Death of Field Sales
Roggel Amir  TOC Startup: A New Paradigm 
Ronen Boaz  Managing Non-Profit Organizations for Better Sustainability 
Round Michael Anecdotes and Anxiety
Lisa Standing on the Shoulders of Jonah
Eli Managing Under Uncertainty in the TOC Way 
Amir  Renovating a House
Sethi Deepak  Success Without Stress- Using the "Power of Clear Thinking" (NK) 
Sinha  Rakesh  Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) Growth Through Simplicity 
Taylor Bill  TOC in US Healthcare Strategy and Operations
Thonmpson  John  Standing on the Shoulders of the Technology Giants. (Technology)
Ujigawa  Koichi  How Agile CCPM Enables us to Successfully Complete Challenging Projects for Major Upgrades of Existing Software Products, and Maintain 100% DDP for Years
Van Der Zel  Kobus  TOC Rescues Swisher Hygiene (NASDAQ: SWSH) with Cash From Under Their Own Mattress
Villalobos  David  Development Economics From a Theory of Constraints Point of View
Warchalowski Jack  Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Tecumseh
Watanabe  Kaoru  Flow Versus Harmony. Moving from Common Sense to Common Practice. Hitachi Experience to Overcome Resistance
Watt  Andy  Why is Sustainability Still a Significant Challenge in Successful TOC Implementations? 
Yasuda Etsuko  How to Make Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Performance – TOCfE Japan Now and into the Future (PS) 
Zultner  Richard  Critical Chain: A Paradigm Shift For Project Management: What is Necessary For a New Paradigm To Become Common Practice (NK)