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18th Annual Virtual Conference Highlights

Thank you to the phenomenal Speakers at the first ever TOCICO virtual conference!

Presentations by Industry leaders, Field Experts, Consultants and Academics.


"Wowwwww what a conference!" The positive response from the 500+ attendees from 48 countries has been overwhelming! 

This year's conference was all about Reaching the Goal! Eli Goldratt published The Goal in 1984 which went on to become an international best-seller and led to the creation of one of the top 3 business improvement methodologies used in the world today—the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Corporations like McDonald’s, Amazon, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Hitachi, General Motors, Boeing, BAE, EuroCryoSpace, Embraer, Aerosud, Delta Airlines, Tata Steel and many more have used TOC principles to engineer a decisive competitive edge and achieve amazing RESULTS!

There were more than 50+ high calibre presentations with live Q&A showcasing case studies, new knowledge, and 5 tracks that include:

  • Supply Chain/Operations
  • Project Management
  • Throughput Accounting & Decision Making
  • Management Skills
  • IT/Software

The 2020 virtual conference proceedings were packed with world class, extra-ordinary content, incredible keynotes, cases studies and software solutions.


Listed below are a few of the conference sessions & speakers from the 5 Tracks. Become a member today and gain full access to the 2020 conference videos on September 15th when they are released to all TOCICO members who didn't attend the conference. Gain immediate access now to 1000+ past conference proceedings and webinars, receive access to all upcoming webinars for free, and receive discounts on upcoming conference events...and there is so much more to see in the largest repository of TOC content!

Supply Chain/Operations

  • Tata Steel India - 3 Case Studies of Operations Solutions to the World’s Largest Steel Company - Shiwangi Sinha, Om Prakash Kumar Singh, Vivek Banka, Amit Patnaik
  • Boosting Operational Performance With the Theory of Constraints - Eric Bisson, McDonald’s
  • How TOC Dramatically Improved the Delivery of Chemotherapy Treatments in a Large Public Hospital - Vicky Mabin
  • Keynote: Cash - The NEW Constraint - Miguel Abuhab, Neogrid

Project Management

  • Keynote: Reliable, Repeatable MRO with Critical Chain: The LIF/BAE Systems Journey -
    Simon White, Manager of Project Control, BAE Systems Australia
  • Practical Guide – How to Integrate Agile Into CCPM Or Vice Versa - 
Wolfram Mueller,
BlueDolphin and Consileon
  • Critical Chain is Powerful, But is it Sufficient for Managing Projects? - Ian Heptinstall, University of Birmingham UK
  • Best of CCPM - Anthony Fouque, AGILEA

Throughput Accounting & Decision Making

  • Keynote: Cash Crisis With Covid-19 And What To Do & And What Not To Do - Ravi Gilani, Goldratt India
  • Intuition as a Necessary Element In a Structured Decision-Making Process - Eli Schragenheim, Henry Camp, Idea llc
  • Managing the TOC Way: How to Stop Warring Divisions and Get Everyone to Work Together so Your Company Can Reach The Goal. - 
Brad Stillahn & Beau Ganas
  • The Big Mistake Most Make to Order Companies Do That Hurts the Bottom Line. How to Turn That Into a Small Fortune - Fast - Andrew Kay, TOC3

Management Skills

  • Keynote: Crucial Lessons from the Covid Pandemic - Dr. Alan Barnard, Founder, Goldratt Research Labs, South Africa
  • Golden Goose: Use Your Clients’ Inteference Diagram to Hatch a Goal Tree -  Alfredo Mycue, ReEngine Consulting ,USA
  • TOC and Blue Ocean Shift: A Perfect Match - Humberto Baptista, Vectis Consulting, Brazil
  • Keynote: Preventing Suicide - TOC Thinking Tools in Action - Debi Roberts, CEO of The OLLIE Foundation


  • The Emerging Threat of the Flood of New Technologies - Eli Schragenheim
  • Why You Should Use Scenario Planning To Optimize Your Project Portfolio and Pipeline - Ad Vermeulen, A-Dato, The Netherlands
  • DDR – Demand Driven Replenishment - Vitor Angelelli, Neogrid
  • AI-Powered Operations Leveraging Your Existing Data - Ali Raza, CEO Throughput Inc.


Let's Rewind and get a glimpse of this year's conference proceedings on how companies like McDonalds, Aerosud, Neogrid, and EuroCryospace used TOC to receive amazing results. TOC methodologies and tools can also greatly impact personal and individual lives. Listen to a short clip "Preventing Suicide: TOC Thinking Tools in Action" by Debi Roberts.

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