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Presented by Humberto Baptista - The Pillars of TOC - The Foundations That Shape all of TOC

We hope you enjoy watching this webinar.

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This webinar is based on universal principles that underpin all solutions, processes, applications and tools in it. These principles - the "Pillars" - were verbalized by Goldratt in different occasions and in this presentation we'll revisit each one and observe the relationships between the "Pillars" and the more commonly known aspects of TOC. The "Pillars" not only provide the foundations, but also determine the boundaries of TOC.

About Humberto Baptista
Humberto is Vectis Solutions CEO, member of the TOCICO Board of Directors, former member of Goldratt Group. Led from VV projects on Consumer Goods and Retail to manufacturing, projects and services, translation (TOC Insights, GWS in CCPM, S&Ts, etc.), taught TOC VV Application Experts and Project Leaders worldwide. Current interests: TOC Principles, Implementations by S&Ts, advanced TOC Finance, TOC Retail, TOC NPO (Government, Health and Education) and TOC4E.


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