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    • A Good Strategy implies a Decisive Competitive Edge by Jaime Marun
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    • Continuous Improvement Trio: The Top Elements of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma Make Beautiful Music Together by "Dr. Lisa" Lang
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    • Multitasking - Stopping work on a task before it is completed in order to start work on another task.
      Usage:  Multitasking itself is neither bad nor good.  Bad multitasking occurs when switching between tasks does not help any project finish earlier.
      Example:  In a multi-project environment it is common for resources to be required to switch between tasks on various projects (or within the same project) in order to show progress.  Such multitasking usually extends the duration of all projects, and therefore, is bad multitasking.  If, however, a resource is forced to stop a task on one project in order to complete a task that is delaying the critical chain or the most penetrating chain on another project, thereby helping that project to finish earlier, it is usually considered good multitasking.
    • Throughput accounting (TA) - A management accounting method that is based on the belief that because every system has a constraint which limits global performance, the most effective way to evaluate the impact that any proposed action will have on the system as a whole is the look at the expected changes in the global measures of throughput, investment and operating expense.
      Syn.: constraints accounting.
      See: constraint, global measures, investment, operating expense, throughput.


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