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TOCICO Board of Directors


DR. LISA LANG, President, Science of Business

Lisa Lang is a renowned Theory of Constraints (TOC) expert and is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to marketing. She is regularly sought out for her expertise on developing market offers (mafia offers) that increase sales. She has been named a Manufacturing Trendsetter in the USA Today for her work helping highly custom job shops and machine shops to become more productive, more competitive and to bring manufacturing back to the U.S with Velocity Scheduling System. Dr. Lisa has also appeared in CNBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Yahoo Finance to name a few. Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies to achieve bottom line results. She has served as the Global Marketing Director for Dr Eli Goldratt, father of Theory of Constraints and author of The Goal. Dr. Lisa Lang is the inventor of The Mafia Offer Boot Camp.

Dr Lisa has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla.

Before becoming a consultant, Lisa was in operations, strategic planning, purchasing, and R&D while working for Clorox, Anheuser-Busch and Coors Brewing.

In addition to consulting, Dr Lisa is a highly sought after Vistage/TEC speaker on "Maximizing Profitability”. Dr Lisa also provides professional keynote speeches and workshops for organizations like: TLMI, ASC, NTMA, NAPM and private events for corporations like: TESSCO, Bostik, GE, and Sandvik Coromant.


BIMLENDRA JHA, Managing Director & CEO, Ambuja Cement

Mr. Bimlendra Jha is a B. Tech in Ceramic Engineering from IIT Varanasi and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Marketing and Finance from XLRI Jamshedpur. He has been associated with Tata Steel Ltd. for nearly three decades and over the past six years, he has held multiple leadership roles including CEO Tata Steel UK and Executive Director on the Board of Tata Steel Europe, looking after operations in UK, Sweden, and Canada.

He has been actively involved in strategic portfolio restructuring and supply chain transformation in Europe and market development, sales and brand management, and innovation in construction practices in India. This includes the design of new processes in Marketing, Value Selling, Channel Loyalty programs and launch of new product concepts such as SuperLinks and BuildWise.

Dr. RUSS JOHNSON, Jonah, President, Improvement Quest, Inc.

Russ Johnson has been teaching and implementing Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six-Sigma/Quality Management tools and concepts at the university level for many years. During that time he also worked in conjunction with the Iowa Small Business Development Center and Colorado’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership to bring these concepts to more than 100 companies via student centered projects and direct consulting. He has many published articles and professional association presentations on supply chain management, project management, Quality systems/Six-Sigma, lean production and Rapid prototyping/rapid tooling. Dr. Johnson is certified in the TOC Operations (Drum-Buffer-Rope) and Supply Chain (Replenishment) Management and TOC Critical Chain Project Management applications by the TOCICO. Dr. Johnson is also an active member of several professional organizations including ASQ, APICS, SME, and TOCICO.

ANDREW KAY, Founder/Owner TOC3 Pty Ltd & Director of TOC for Education Australia

Recognized in Australia as a leading TOC Practitioner, Andrew is the founder of an independent boutique TOC consulting firm TOC3 Pty Limited based in Sydney, serving the Asia Pacific.

With a TOC career spanning nearly 20 years, Andrew has delivered and helped deliver over 85 successful TOC implementations across a multitude of industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and the USA. Andrew brings a depth of TOC knowledge and implementation experience in guiding organisations to systematically and rapidly achieve their goals  Andrew is proficient in all TOC application solution areas including the Logical Thinking Process Tools. He specializes in rapid and visual implementation methods. 

Andrew partners with world-class practitioners and is actively engaged in the International TOC Community. He has commenced sharing his experiences and insights through several case studies at TOCICO and other international TOC Conferences.

Andrew is also the Director of TOC for Education Australia working to introduce the TOCFE thinking tools to schools and communities and wishes he could do more.

Andrew is passionate about TOC and what it can deliver to the world.

Before his TOC career, Andrew served as a scientific-systems based professional in strategic planning for Sydney City and the Blue Mountains Region. A pioneer in Integrated Local Government Geographic Information Systems, Andrew held senior management roles in Government Corporate Strategy and Business Planning and later for 5 years, in the private sector with Business Improvement Consulting with clients such as The Sydney Opera House, Philiips, Canberra Hospital, A V Jennings, and Perrigrin Semi-Conductor. In between he helped establish and run Australia's first micro-finance operation based on the Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. 

Andrew holds a BSc Hons in Applied Science (dual major/Magna Cum Laude) from the University NSW, a post-graduate MBA from Macquarie Unviersity, and he is certified by TOCICO, and is a qualified Jonah+ and CCPM IC3PM instructor.


CHRISTOPH LENHARTZ, General Manager of Catena Strategies

Christoph Lenhartz, MBA, Jonah, TOCICO-certified, Certified Consultant (bdvb), DDPP, DDLP, SCOR-P, is a past Board Member and Past Chairman of TOCICO.

In over 20 years he has acquired a wide-ranging, international experience in industry, as a successful entrepreneur and also a leader of management consulting teams in high complexity TOC implementations. He has lead strategic, business transformation, supply chain management and IT projects and his expertise also includes post-merger integration of supply chain operations for major international groups.

One of the leading experts in Europe in TOC and Demand Driven methodologies he is the General Manager of Catena Strategies, a TOC-based consultancy in management and operational excellence. He also serves as Master Instructor for the Demand Driven Institute.

He has published articles on TOC and management topics in journals such as “Quality Progress” and has translated and written books on TOC and management topics in German. He is an appreciated speaker and teacher of TOC and related topics.

Christoph holds an MBA from Clemson University (USA), he graduated from the University Essen (Germany) as a Diplom-Kaufmann and has pursued post-graduate studies at Washington State University (USA).



Eli Schragenheim is a well known international management educator, author and consultant active in various fields of management like corporate strategy, decision support, innovation, supply chain, project management, shop-floor control, IT and HR. He has worked with huge variety of organizations all over the world, including public-sector organizations, industrial, high-tech and start-ups.

Since he had joined Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the famous creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in 1985, Eli Schragenheim has taught, spoken at conferences and consulted all over the globe, including the US, India, China, Japan, Canada, Britain, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa and Australia. He taught and trained high-level managers and consultants to use TOC in the most effective way in all the above countries. Many of his past pupils are now practicing TOC in the highest levels.

Eli Schragenheim is also known for his own software simulators and management games designed to experience the thinking and potential of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in complex environments.

Eli Schragenheim was a partner in the A.Y. Goldratt Institute and a director in The Goldratt Schools. He manages his own company Elyakim Management Systems (1992) Ltd. He served twice as a board member of TOCICO – the TOC International Certification Organization, a non-profit organization that was created by Dr. Goldratt to spread the TOC knowledge in the world. Lately Eli Schragenheim initiated TOC Global, an international organization of the best minds in TOC, to support TOC implementations worldwide, and generate huge value for large clients and projects all over the globe.

Eli Schragenheim is the author of several books on various aspects of management. His first book Management Dilemmas (1998) showed a variety of problematic situations in management and the rigorous analysis leading to the right solution. Next he collaborated with William H. Dettmer in writing Manufacturing at Warp Speed. In this book the new concept of Simplified-DBR, now a key concept in production planning according to TOC, was introduced. He also collaborated with Carol A. Ptak on ERP, Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain, and with Dr. Goldratt and Carol Ptak on Necessary but Not Sufficient. In 2009 his book Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed, with William H. Dettmer and Wayne Patterson was published. He also contributed two chapters for the Theory of Constraints Handbook, edited by Cox and Schleier published in 2010 by McGraw-Hill.

In March 2015, Eli has opened a blog, now containing more than 70 articles on various topics in TOC that everybody can access.

DR. ROY STRATTON, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University

Roy was introduced to the work of Dr Goldratt in 1986 when he joined NTU following his early career as a project-manufacturing engineer at Rolls Royce (Aero). He quickly qualified as a Jonah-Jonah and joined Goldratt Schools as adjunct faculty, becoming a member of TOC ICO in 2003. Roy is certified in all TOC-ICO specialisms and presents regularly at the TOC-ICO. He has served on the examination board for Operations and Supply Chain Management for many years and has chaired the TOC-ICO one-day conference on healthcare. He has worked closely with QFI consulting who specialise in TOC healthcare and together they initiated/led the executive MSc TOC health and social care management between 2006 and 2014.

Roy is particularly interested in the management of flow in complex and uncertain environments and works with SMEs (MTO/ETO) manufacturing companies developing buffer management centred solutions undertaking action research. He has published widely in academic and professional journals, typically addressing management conflicts between local and global performance. His passion is in changing how operations and supply chain management is taught, seeking to embrace the work of the seminal systems based practitioners and theorists of the past century.




Rocco Surace, CPA, ABV, CVA, CFF, CGMA,Jonah, is a partner with The Bonadio Group. His client services are focused on TOC Based process improvement services, succession planning, financial and tax due diligence in acquisitions and divestitures, and holistically based process improvement services. Rocco is currently in a position of Senior Project Manager Finance & Operations in the Kaleida Health System in Western New York.  

Rocco's skills have been developed as a result of hands on training and leading projects with and for some of the world leaders. His formal education and training has included: Jonah designation from the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute, Certifications in TOC Disciplines from the TOC International Certification Organization, Process based cost management with the concept developers of Activity Based Costing, and Business Processed Based Re-Engineering through training with Dr. Michael Hammer obtaining his Certificate of Mastery in Re-Engineering. 

Rocco is past Chairperson of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization. He considers himself very fortunate to have learned directly from Dr. Eli Goldratt, the father of TOC. He served as North American Regional Director for Goldratt Consulting from 2004 to 2006.



KAORU WATANABE (JOHN), Executive Director, Social Innovation Business Division, Hitachi Limited

Kaoru joined Hitachi in 2006, has 35+ years experience in the Electronics and IT service industry including 15+ years experience as Business Consultant. Before joining Hitachi, he worked at Kyocera, Nidec, Digital Garage and DXC.

He presented Hitachi case studies at the TOCICO conference in 2014, 2016 and 2018.
Bachelor of Science (Physics). TOC-ICO Jonah (TP). At the TOCICO conference 2018 in Las Vegas, Kaoru presented Hitachi’s 18 year TOC journey through 5 distinct improvement waves. He has lead these initiative for 12 years from 2006.