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2011 Conference Travel Information

Ground Transportation provided by TBT Transportation Company

ALL ground transportation is at the attendee expense

However, to help with your trip planning, the TOCICO has negotiated special rates with TBT transportation.  You need to identify yourself as part of the TOCICO group to get this special rate.  You will be charged according to the airport and the size of the group for transportation to the IBM Executive Briefing Center.  TBT will strive to combine transportation needs without a significant delay to save you money.  The transportation cost is by the vehicle.  For example a town car from Newark is $101 but can hold three people. The rate would be split into thirds.  A tow ncar from JFK is approximately $160 which can be split.  TBT will coordinate itineraries to save you money if you would like to share a ride with another conference attendee.

Please send an e-mail to or go on line to to make your reservation.  TBT will also provide return transportation to the airport after the conference is complete. Reservations need to be made directly with TBT.  Payment goes directly to TBT.


            West Nyack (845) 353 9888
  Sedan (2-4Pass.) SUV (5-6 pass.) Van ( 10-14 Pass.)
JFK $98 $123 $160
LGA $93 $118 $150
HPN $75 $100 $150
EWR $85 $110 $150
NYC $83 $108 $145
  Above includes Toll's only. Tax, Tip and airport parking is additional.

Aero-Go Limousine (845) 353 1144

Sedan (2-4Pass.) SUV (5-6 pass.) Limo ( 10 Pass.)
JFK $109 $135 $165
LGA $99 $129 $145
EWR $89 $119 $129
NYC $95 $135 $155

Above includes Toll's only. Tax, Tip and airport parking is additional.

  TBT Limousine 1 800 654 6642

Sedan (2-4Pass.) Van (5-10 Pass.) Mini-Bus ( 11-21 Pass.)
JFK $154.50 $222.25 $286.05
LGA $140.95 $208.70 $334.45
EWR $98.75 $162.25 $286.05
NYC $123.18 $184.15 $307.75

Rates are all inclusive

  MTC (914) 241 9211

Sedan (2-4Pass.) SUV (5-6) Limo( 5-10) Van (5-10 Pass.)
JFK $140.54 $212.86 $249.00 $227.32
LGA $119.12 $191.43 $227.60 $205.90
HPN $85.77 $158.09 $194.25 $172.55
EWR $112.50 $180.00 $213.75 $193.51
NYC $119.12 $191.43 $227.60 $205.90

Rates are all inclusive

  AirBrook Limo 1800 800 1990

Sedan (2-4Pass.) Limo (6 Pass.) Van ( 11 Pass.) Mini-Bus ( 21 Pass.)
JFK $120.50 $165.50 $155.50 $311.00
LGA $110.50 $155.50 $145.50 $291.00
EWR $79.50 $124.50 $114.50 $229.00

Above rates do not include tax, Toll and Tip

(NEW) There is a special travel rate available for interested international travelers!  All you have to do is the following:
  1. Register for the 2011 International Conference.

  2. At the end of registration there will be a link to fill out a form to receive a travel proposal.  After you fill out the required information, that form will be sent directly to ATP and in return they will send you a proposal (by email) for your international flights.  The required information that ATP needs is listed as follows:

Last Name
All First Names
Date of Birth
Country of Residence
Passport Number
Passport Valid Thru Date
Country that Issued Passport
Email Address
Phone Number

Airport/City of Departure
Destination if other than New York
Preferred Day of Arrival

Preferred day of Departure
Departing Airport/City if other than New York
Airport/City of Arrival

If you are interested, remember to look for the link at the end of the Conference Registration!  If you miss the link or did not see it, please feel free to email us directly at and we will send you the direct link to the form in your email.

If you need any travel information for entering the United States, please visit the Official US Travel Website!