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2020 TOCICO Virtual Conference Rewind

Watch 5 Short PresentationsGet a glimpse of this year's TOCICO conference proceedings.

McDonald's TOC Case Study

About the Presentation

McDonald’s in France has over 1,400 restaurants. The French market is recognized as the most difficult market in the world because clients eat at very specific times and the culinary expectations are very high. It has for many years been one of the most innovative of McDonald’s markets. When rolling out the new “Made For You” global operational model they took the opportunity to rethink how they managed operations in their restaurants.  Using a mixture of Theory Of Constraints, Lean and common sense McDonald's redefined how they managed flow. As a result client service times were significantly reduced and global efficiency increased.

It also made their process robust, easily absorbing micro rushes that had historically been significant disrupting factors. The design of the new system will be described as well as the challenge of rolling it out to tens of thousands of people in many small facilities and how, after this successful proof of concept in a very demanding environment, it was decided to implement this approach in other geographies. This presentation highlights among other things what it means to apply the Theory of Constraints in this kind of services industry. 

Aerosud's Pivoting Business During COVID-19

 About the Presentation

Aerosud is a fully and explicitly Theory Of Constraints company from operational flow management on the shop floor to its strategy described in the form of a Goal Tree. The company, based in South Africa, produces aeronautical equipment for Boeing, Airbus and other key actors.

Their TOC journey started in 2010. It first applied TOC to its Supply Chain and Manufacturing with great success. It later implemented Critical Chain Project Management to its new product development and broke the world record in performance finishing 98% of its projects on time. It then applied the Logical Thinking Process to redefine its strategy and launch a new service offering. Then in March 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic struck them and the aeronautical industry. Their response was to trigger and co-lead a South African initiative to rapidly develop the products that the country needed to face the crisis. Today Aerosud has repositioned themselves to continue to thrive in the new context.

EuroCryospace's Amazing TOC Case Study

About the Presentation

EuroCryospace is a subsidiary of Air Liquide and Ariane Group based in Les Mureaux, France. The company manufactures the main “stage one” cryogenic tank for the Ariane 5 rockets.

Facing difficulties to meet the customer's need and changes in external & internal context of the aerospace activity, the situation prompted the facility to implement the Theory of Constraints at the end of 2016 in order to increase the production rates.

Initially, EuroCryospace's teams worked on identifying the bottleneck of the company: the welding bench appeared to be the constraint as its productivity did not meet the customer's needs. Then the teams planned and scheduled the bottleneck activities by applying Critical Chain Project Management principles, also called CCPM (focused durations, buffer to protect the lead time, monitoring using a Fever Chart). In parallel, silos between services have been reduced: for instance to improve the performance of the reception quality control, using controllers from other areas.

Quick results came in:
• The waiting time at reception quality control has been reduced by 85%,
• The outstanding bottleneck of the sections has been reduced by 60%,
• The delivery rate of the tanks has been increased by 25%.


Debi Robert's profound presentation for Preventing Suicide Using TOC Thinking Tools

About the Presentation

It is a common misconception that where there is suicidal thinking there is also mental illness. In truth, just over half of all youth suicide is carried out by those who are in crisis but don't have a diagnosable mental illness. Their actual need is not to die, but for the pain (shame, debt, worry) to stop. Problems can seem insurmountable and their capacity to continue living in their present situation becomes exhausted. But what if there was a framework that could help people when they are suicidal see a way through their crisis? What if TOC Thinking Processes provides such a framework and can support those who are suicidal to find their way back to hope and life?

In this presentation we will consider some of the common obstacles faced globally by the rise in youth suicide and learn about the specific events that lead to up to an intervention with a young woman, intending to end her life within hours. You will hear how both the Cloud and Goal setting tools were used to support her in her moment of despair to unpick what she was experiencing as overwhelming and make sense of it all such that she could find solutions that moved her from suicidal ideation to hopefulness and empowerment.

Finally, we will explore how this tool can be used in other ‘critical’ moments with young people and the implications for TOC in this area.

Neogrid's Keynote Presentation: CASH - The New Constraint

About the Presentation

Once most of the companies were impacted by pandemic, cash became the new constraint. In this presentation Miguel Abuhab, CEO of Neogrid, talks about how manufacturers and retailers used to exploit their past constraints and how to exploit the new constraint.


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